The love we feel for the pizza is unspeakable, that is why we dedicate time and technique to its preparation. Our pizzas are mixed sourdough, more digestible and nutritious, and let stand for 72 hours. Once stretched, they are seasoned with fresh ingredients and then cooked in our wood oven. Our cult of pizza involves the use of various types of flours, such as gluten free, soy and kamut. Our pizza dough for celiacs, spread out with a technique perfected by the good teacher Nicola, it is good, fragrant and delicious as the one prepared with normal flour. Because we believe that everyone deserves a perfect pizza!



The garden

The highlight of Sapore Perfetto. Has different seats and a large patio where you can dine on warm summer evenings and organize your small events, making them especially suggestive.

The Kitchen

It is the heart of Sapore Perfetto, where it all begins: to cook at best our dishes we use latest generation wood ovens. Did you know that we have an environment and a separate oven for our gluten-free?
In this way we can guarantee our celiac friends the opportunity to eat something good, with serenity and awareness, without any fear.

The Dining Room

You will be immediately welcomed in this room, the largest, with different tables available that in summer becomes an open space with the addition of the garden. Its capacity and our organization make it an ideal place for banquets and events of all kinds.

Little Dining Rooms

For those who choose to enjoy dinner or lunch in peace and privacy, Sapore Perfetto offers three charming dining rooms, derived from an ancient tower environments : in fact keep a decidedly rustic and convivial style.


Fresh ingredients and traditional flavors for perfect dishes

Our kitchen unravels between daily fresh foods of our markets, offering appetizers, saladsfirst and second courses freshly prepared.


About Us

We believe that good cuisine is richness: every recipe tells a story, ours, yours, that of all. Let's talk about food with a universal language, which does not need dictionaries, but looks, smiles and good appetite. We do this with passion because we believe that cooking with love keep the affections, ties and give birth to new loves. We promote simplicity offering traditional dishes, meeting the tastes of new generations and the renovated needs of a more attentive, shrewd, demanding audience. For more then ten years we are in Conversano to make you feel at home, always. Welcome to Sapore Perfetto.

Alternative Cuisine

Celiac Disease

Sapore Perfetto choses to meet the demand of celiac disease to enjoy the dishes in peace, using gluten-free flour and prepared in a specially dedicated kitchen.


We pay attention to those who have allergies or intolerances to lactose choosing dairy products suitable for these special needs.


For those who have decided to make veganism the philosophy of life we prepare special dishes, from appetizers to main course, tasty and original.

Where We Are